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Award Winning Premiere Howard County Professional Portrait Photographer and Print Artist, Danielle Lavis, offers a custom beauty "experience" that promotes strong, positive identities and a refined approach to HS Senior portraiture. Danielle's unique approach utilizes the art of photography and styling to inspire young women and girls. 

Recently voted as one of Howard County's best photographers, Danielle is the leading choice for custom photography and overall experience.

Danielle Lavis Photography has become a destination for Howard County High School Senior Portraits, as well as for High School Seniors in surrounding Maryland, DC and Virginia High Schools.


My philosophy has been created with the client in mind. It's about the relationships, quality and offering more than just taking a nice picture. Choosing DLP for your senior portraits means choosing unparalleled professionalism, quality and creativity.  I strive for excellence in hopes that my clients choose me as their family and lifestyle photographer. It is truly an honor to build relationships with my clients and continue to document their important family milestones. I strive for every client to not only walk away with beautiful images and designs, but to also walk away with a wonderful memory of the experience itself.








 "I happen only once a lifetime." 

— Anonymous

I offer a custom senior portrait experience for my HS Senior clients that is truly unlike a typical portrait session.  Your portraits will be beautiful, artful and reflect who you are and what makes you unique. No cookie cutter packages and or same poses. Anyone can take a nice photo of you. However, not every professional photographer can show WHO YOU ARE through their portraits. There is only one you and your senior portraits should reflect your individuality.




My senior clients will "feel" that they have chosen the very best from the moment we first meet. Creating a personalized experience is what makes me a custom photographer and why you can expect so much more throughout the entire experience with me.  Each senior client will work closely with me to create a unique vision for their portrait session.  Most photographers have a very scheduled process and do not have time to truly get to know you. I have a pre-session process I follow that is integral to building a client/photographer relationship and truly tailoring the session to you. It begins with an in studio complimentary consultation, where we get to know each other and customize each aspect of your senior portrait session to YOUR preferences. But thats only the beginning!

We then start the styling fun! We have a fabulously fun, innovative and inspiring styling process that the seniors just LOVE! It not only helps to pull your vision together, but it helps to create an amazingly relaxed process! We will be texting and chatting so much that by the time your session date arrives, you will be incredibly comfortable, excited and ready to go! 




"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
-- Coco Chanel

You will find most of the process for our senior clients mirrors what we do for our model clients creating portfolios. I assure you it is so fun and will get you super excited! Each client has the option of being assigned a dream team to help create the full modeling, pampering experience for them. The stylists working with DLP are top professionals in our area. We can arrange for you to work with a personal hair stylist and make-up artist to softly and naturally compliment your chosen looks. The stylists can be involved as much or as little as the client requests. The stylists most often come to you on the day of your session, in an effort to keep the day completely relaxed!

One of the reasons the senior portrait experience with Danielle Lavis Photography has become a preferred choice for Howard County and surrounding area high school seniors, is that DLP offers the option for professional wardrobe styling. So, to elevate the experience, Elizabeth Neighoff, Couture Stylist, is available to fuse her high fashion style and personal shopping talents to make the experience unforgettable. Click on the tab "Couture Stylist" to the left to read all about Elizabeth, including her background working with Kate Spade and Michael Kors in New York. When incorporating Elizabeth into the session styling, clients are given the opportunity to polish their looks and truly create a one of a kind senior portrait experience- unparalleled by any other local photographers.  Elizabeth is incredible at helping to create amazing looks from within your own closet! Elizabeth may utilize accessories from our private collection. However, this will be left to the discretion of the stylist. Elizabeth offers exclusive styling services and preferred rates to the clients of Danielle Lavis Photography. It is truly a one of a kind experience!




I love watching my seniors jump out of the car, beaming from being styled to perfection and beyond excited to start the session! One parent is typically there with us to enjoy the session experience! It is such a special time for the senior, but also for the parents. I love having them there and involved! We walk together looking for the perfect backdrops, we talk and laugh ALOT.  I LOVE the stories I learn about my clients while we enjoy our time together! I will guide you through very gentle posing. This will help to create relaxed, natural expressions and ultimately breathtaking, artful portraits! You will never feel rushed. Its all about you and making sure every minute of the session is beyond what you imagined it to be! 




I will invite you to meet me in my full service, boutique studio for your portrait premiere and ordering session. I will share your portraits in a fun and memorable way! I always have a box of tissues on hand for the parents. I have yet to have a parent not cry when the portraits are revealed. Its such a special moment for me to be a part of because I know I am helping to preserve the memory of their son or daughter before the parents gently let them go into the world to make their mark. As a parent myself, I understand the sentiment and emotion behind the senior portrait experience. So, its even more important to me that each family leaves the experience with the highest quality, luxury products that will become treasured heirlooms for years to come. Therefore, the custom experience continues as we personalize a collection for your family, including luxury albums and beautiful, customized wall gallery displays for the walls of your home. 



We invite you to contact us to create your own dream Senior Portrait experience.


Client Gift Registries are now available!
High School Seniors can set up an online gift registry for your favorite dl ethereal collection and products. Tell friends and family to give the gift of photography and help you towards commemorating this special milestone with the memory of amazing Portraits!  Guests to your registry can contribute various amounts as their special gift to you!


The Charmed Life Collection
As the Signature Collection, HS Seniors work closely with Couture, Professional Photographer, Danielle Lavis, to customize their senior portrait session experience.

This session offers HS Seniors the custom experience that has become the cornerstone of Danielle Lavis Photography and also what has created the most sought after Senior Model Program in our area. Contact me for more details on all that is involved in your portrait experience and how we can begin customizing a session for you!

Session fee includes complimentary in person consultation, photographers time and talent {before, during and after your session}, pre-session personal styling and more unique tools revealed upon booking, on location sessions and services at an exclusive DLP outdoor location and/or in studio, custom processing and preparation of all final images, 40-50 portrait proofs presented at an in-person presentation appointment, personalized ordering appointment.

$100 print credit

$350 weekday  |  $425 weekends


Important Information

Sessions usually last approximately 2-4 hours, and do not include your images, either digital or printed.
All prints sold separately.
All portrait collections are purchased separately.

Your non-refundable session fee is due at time of booking and secures your session date.
There is a minimum order requirement of $800 for all dl Senior sessions. However, the average client invests between $1200-$1500 in their custom photography. Prints start at $85.
All prices are subject to Maryland state sales tax.

All images are protected by copyright.  It is unlawful to scan, copy or reproduce in any form.  Thank you for respecting the law and my work.

Your questions, concerns or comments are always welcome, before and after your session.  Please don't hesitate to call or email me!