What is Art of A Woman?

This is a special division of Danielle Lavis Photography, specializing in personal beauty sessions & modeling sessions for women of all ages to promote healthy, positive self identities.
 { young women, women, aspiring models and models }
I offer a high end experience for my clients that is truly unlike a typical portrait session and exceeds anything found locally. My experience, skill sets and education has brought me to this point and my involvement with organizations that work to inspire positive self identities in women of all ages, has driven my unique services. Many photographers snap images, give you a cookie cutter package and the same old style of photos. Not much unique there. But, I have worked hard to create a business foundation, philosophy, experience and style that far exceeds what other photographers are doing in the marketplace.

For me, it is about the relationships, quality and really offering more than just taking a picture.
I invest a lot of time and resources into every one of my clients. If someone is looking for quick snapshots, I am not the right fit. I understand that my clients make an investment in working with me and in turn I make an equal investment of time, resources, talent , products, etc...  I only accept a limited number of appointments for personal sessions monthly.  For me, working with my clients is about quality not quantity. I do more for my clients before, during and after each session than other photographers because I reserve just a few each month to keep the
experience and images truly couture...unique, custom and one of a kind.