Where do I start?

I have a pre-session process I follow that is integral to building a client/photographer relationship and truly tailoring the session to the client. However, all sessions must be secured before the process begins. In order to secure your session, it must be booked online by paying the session retainer fee. Once the session fee is paid, the session date is considered secure and we are ready to start the process!
To book your session today, please visit www.dlclientboutique.com/

I will send an important client welcome packet via email to begin gathering information. The welcome packet includes a portrait agreement and detailed style survey. They are both conveniently filled out and submitted to me online. However, I am always available to talk via phone, in person or even via facetime or skype. It simply depends on the clients needs.

When clients commission Couture Stylist, Elizabeth Neighoff, we ensure a full styling experience. Much of the process for our portrait clients mirrors what we do for our Model clients creating portfolios.  I assure you, it is so fun and will get you super excited!

There are a variety of options for on location styling. Most client's love the option of a dream team to help create the full modeling, pampering experience for them. We can arrange for our personal makeup artist and hair stylist on location.  As well, we personalize the entire session to each client. The stylists can be involved as much or as little as the client requests.

There are many options for session locations. I have several exclusive locations to Danielle Lavis Photography in clarksville and ellicott city. I am also able to shoot in my studio space, as well as on the historic property grounds.

All locations offer my distinct style of photography.

( Image to left features Couture Fashion Stylist, Elizabeth Neighoff )